Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Settling Back In

We made it! We hiked 6 miles down the South Keibab trail and 9 miles back up the Bright Angel Trail, traversing a staggering 4,500 feet in elevation each way, and taking in the views with the appropriate combination of wonder, disbelief, and faith in our ability to climb back out.

While the girls nap, I'm sorting out stories to share and shuffling through the pictures. I'll post some soon. In the mean time I'm getting reacquainted with these quickly-changing kids.

Suddenly Elliot is a true rival with Maya, fighting for her turn at the dinner table to rattle off her day's events. Maya is as surprised as we are when she gets cut off by a kid sister who, when we left, spent most of her meal decorating herself with food and sputtering a few confusing knock, knock jokes from time to time.

It is so good to get away. And so nice to come home.


Anonymous said...

I marvel at your life and I love it! Such a charmed life! Enjoy every minute and keep on sharing. I enjoy it so much. With much love, Aunt Carol

elacorn said...

Welcome home! Did you guys stop in Sedona? The Grand Canyon is such an amazing sight. I'm glad you took the opportunity to get up close and personal with it!

Sarah said...

:) Bits of it are charmed... I'm glad you enjoy it! And I thought of your kind words today when I dragged a screaming two year old and angry 4 year old out of the health club this morning amid dirty looks from other patrons... even the rough bits are good :)

Anna said...

What fun for everyone! It's always amazing to see those leaps made, kids and adults alike. :)))


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