Monday, January 25, 2010

Rearview Mirror

I'm preparing to print bits of this blog into a hard cover version; something that can sort of stand in as a baby book for the girls because that hasn't been updated for some time. Since just before Elliot's birthday, I believe. That is, um, her original day of birth. Oops.

A friend brought over jewelry kits. These Ziploc bags full of tube shaped pasta and fruit loops engaged the girls for over an hour. And they lasted until Elliot ate all of the fruit loops off of them :)

Reading through the old 2008 posts (and catching a frightening number of spelling errors, some so bad that the sentence is indecipherable... sorry folks!), I am both astounded by how much our life has changed and comforted by the cyclical nature of most of our challenges. My resolution to stamp down unnecessary worry in 2010 is likely to be a winner after reading about all the many challenges that have come and, just as easily, gone over the past two years.

And my goodness how we play differently now than we did when two-year-old Maya and I were home five full days a week with baby Elliot. Then, I scrambled to fill up the yawning hours of the day, all while tending to the baby. Now, at 4 and 2, the girls lead great drawn out games, inviting me to play assigned roles (more often then not a bear or a monster or a giant) or they paint or they have some other idea for what must come next.

While I still guide them through the day and find clever science experiments and projects to interject during a lull, I am not required to stand in as activity planner for 14 hours a day. Add in preschool and outings with friends, and there are not nearly as many hours to fill solo as there once were.

No wonder so many of those older posts sound frazzled, almost comically so. Though I can't say our days are suddenly easy, by comparison we have left the tornado and landed somewhere over the rainbow.


Anna said...

Amazing transitions as the months go by. So nice you have this to gauge it all!

elacorn said...

i love reading your blogs more than you know! It makes me smile, because we are miles apart doing basically the same things... You just say it more elloquently than I can and do! xoxo


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