Monday, January 11, 2010

Back in the Plaque-Fighting Saddle

Thanks to the kid experts at the Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates, Maya has averted a life long battle with dental phobia... and tooth aches.

Her first visit more than a year ago was to our regular adult-centric, perfectly friendly dentist. I let Joe take her (he being less squeamish about the whole dentist thing than I), and somehow my daughter was returned to me red-faced and traumatized. Rather than take time to calm Maya's understandable nervousness or suggest she return a different day for a full cleaning, they instructed Joe to hold our three-year-old down for her first cleaning.

Obviously, I couldn't take her back there. In fact, it has taken this entire year for the memory to fade enough to attempt another cleaning.

Our experience with the pediatric hygienist and dentist couldn't have been better. The hygienist spent twenty minutes in a child-sized tooth brushing station talking to Maya and I about how to brush her teeth, what foods are good for your teeth, and how much Maya loves horses and cats. We were then ushered over to the big dentist chair where the ceiling mural was crowded, I kid you not, with horses and cats. Before every step, Maya was shown the tools and encouraged to touch them or push the buttons.

As we walked out, toting the new jump rope she had snagged from the gift box, Maya asked when she would GET to come back, at which point Elliot piped up that she wanted to sit in the big chair too!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awesome place! So glad the experience was a good one.....this time! :)



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