Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unexpectedly Jolly

We had to share these pictures from our surprisingly festive weekend. We knew it would have at least some holiday cheer, as the primary goal was to score a tree from the neighborhood dealer and commence the decorating.

But then we added a quick pit stop to the community center's "Coco with Santa" event, where Maya eyed Santa with extreme suspicion and instead spent her time with the face painting crew.

Now sporting Rudolph and a Christmas Tree, the girls begrudgingly agreed to make a another stop off, this time to Home Depot for various tree trimming and window sealing accessories. This ho hum errand wound up being the highlight of the morning. A series of oddly excited staff members kept guiding us to "The Workshop in Aisle 25," because "By the look of you, that's where you want to be."

As it turns out, it was. Along with about 50 other kids crowded around benches, the girls were given Home Depot Aprons, a kit to make a tiny wooden wagon, and real tools. The project was easy enough, with its pre-drilled nail holes, that Maya could really complete it on her own, and Elliot could make progress on hers as well. For a company that has already earned much of my respect for its green initiatives in the past few years, this little family friendly holiday activity still pushed them up a notch.

Even more exciting was the purchase of our actual tree. The very same Santa from the Community Center's event, still in full Clausian regalia, was spreading his cheer around the tree lot. He recognized the girls, apparently, and told Maya he had seen her at his party earlier that day. She was shocked. He was clearly the real thing, since the same Santa was popping up all over the place!

Soon the tree was decorated, and the season's first gifts had tucked themselves beneath it... not IN it as we had feared.

On a whim, we spent a lazy Sunday afternoon rolling out cookies and listening to Bing Crosby's Christmas music. Sealing the weekend as the least planned, most successfully jolly weekend of this holiday season. So far....

Mele Kalikimaka!


Grandma Bobbie said...

Sarah you have such a beautiful family!! Your girls will have such wonderful memories.
love Granny B

Genie of the Shell said...

These are the most ridiculously cute Christmas pictures. I feel myself ovulating...

I love the little girls wielding hammers! My parents never would have let me use real tools at that age. They would have steered me toward the baby dolls, I'm sure.

You make parenting look like so much fun, I'm going to have to show my husband. ;) He wants to have kids one day, but he's skittish.

Sarah said...

:) We do have a lot of fun, but ovulators beware... the introduction of tiny crazy people changes absolutely everything! A sense of humor and a willingness to let someone else's childhood sweep you away are critical to keeping things enjoyable!

Sarah said...

Also, did anyone notice what we used as a cookie cutter? A Family Guy shot glass... yikes, probably should have photo shopped that. We need new cookie cutters!

Genie of the Shell said...

Oh, hilarious. I didn't notice the cookie cutter. But last time we made Christmas cookies with friends, there was definitely a cookie cutter shaped like a human body part in the mix.

Every time my husband asks someone what it's like to have kids, they say, "It changes everything." He's like, "Yeah, of course! In ways that are better or worse than you'd expect?" The answers to his follow-up questions are mixed. Haha. The most recent one was, "Well, it gets worse the longer you wait and the older you get." My poor hubby. Such mixed anxieties.


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