Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Thanksgiving Genie

When asked what she is thankful for, Maya has one consistent answer.

Maya showing off her princess jumper, purchased to commemorate her big day at the Children's Theater's outstanding production of Cinderella.

Elliot built towers all weekend, primarily to set the stage for her Godzilla performance.

Maya ignores the kind prompts offered by the adults in her life, who suggest that loving family, bountiful food, good friends, or peace (where it exists in the world) could be part of her list.

Above all things, our girl is persistent. Her unwavering focus really made this Thanksgiving memorable.

The traditional frosting of the turkey cookies; they couldn't believe their luck.

"Maya, what are you thankful for?"

"Horses, because I love when they gallop while I ride them." So sayeth the girl who has only ridden a renaissance fair horse at a very slow pace.

Until now!

Grandpa played Chris Cringle this Thanksgiving, granting Maya's wish by bringing her to a friend's horse farm. There Maya found herself surrounded by five horse experts under the age of 18, all eager to teach her what they know. They were gracious hosts, patient with the willful four-year-old who was waiting for her pony to gallop. They managed to take her out for a trot after showing her how they brush, feed, and saddle their horses. When she still requested a gallop, they sweetly suggested she visit again soon for more practice.

I think I'll follow Maya's lead next Thanksgiving and give thanks for all the good things I hope will happen. Maybe I should talk to hallmark about drafting up a Thanksgiving genie image.... oooh, that would market better than turkeys in silly hats.

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Anna said...

This is great! What a cool thing to be thankful for... :)))

I find these inspirational, reminding me of the preciousness of early childhood!


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