Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a Difference

What makes some of my days seem so perfect? So kissed by sun and peace and calm, and yet efficiency too, somehow?

Yesterday was just as unscheduled as today, but much less enjoyable. The only difference, that I can see, is that I had an agenda. A list. The result was a moderately productive but fairly stressful and crabby day for all three of us.

Today, I rejected the list, and somehow, we've managed to play sandbox cafe, doctor the chickens (more on that a different day!), clean up the play room, detail the car, and picnic in the park. The girls have helped cheerily with all of the chores and played whimsically all morning. With no agenda, we have been productive while having a wonderful time.

Are my own expectations, plans, and lists really that much of a hindrance? I have noticed this ironic contradiction time and again. The less I expect the more I accomplish. The longer the list, the less I cross off.

If this really is the trend, can I learn to resist the compulsion to plan?

Nah, maybe yesterday we were just tired. I'd better add "get more sleep" to the list on the fridge!

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