Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clean and Green

Elliot's birthday week is just about to begin, and I've adopted the event as a perfect excuse to get my fall cleaning projects accomplished.

I finally found the time to literally green up my kitchen, with a couple coats of Dutch Boy's Refresh, an easy-to-find and affordable low VOC paint that was detailed helpfully on Tips for a Greener Life.

And after cleaning and painting one room, I grabbed the sample bottle of Eco Store's Antibacterial Spray Cleaner I received a few weeks back and really put it to the test.

Eco Store approached me with the opportunity to try a couple of products, and I'm now quite thankful they did. Their products are all plant and mineral based, rather than petroleum-based, totally free of anything nasty, and surprisingly effective. Beyond just cleaning products, they offer hair care, pet care, baby care, and bath supplies as well.

I'm definitely going to check out some of their other items.

The Spray Cleaner smells lightly of citrus, was ready available, unlike my depleted supply of Alice's Wonder Spray, and it cleaned everything it touched. The best part, truly, is that it is safe enough to let my helpers handle. Elliot sprayed windows, blinds, cabinets, floors, walls, and the top of her dolls head. I simply followed, rag in hand, and my house is now the cleanest its been since we moved in! The permanent marker came off our poor doll too!

Eco Store also sent us their hand soap, which also smells great, is adding to the greenness of our kitchen, and is helping us continue our fight against preschool-related germs.

Amid all of this cleaning, Maya has been happily crafting birthday decorations to help celebrate her little sister's birthday, and Elliot is practicing her own artistic talents. So here we are in a clean, brightly decorated house, awaiting our visitors to help us celebrate two years of charming Miss Elle.


Recessionista Genie said...

Hey, thanks for sharing these nice green/healthy household links! I've found that often, less toxic and harsh cleaners work as good or better than more toxic stuff.

I just bought some indoor paint from Sherwin-Williams' Harmony line. It's another low-VOC option. There's a room in my house that may one day be a bedroom for a little person... so I want to be sure I don't put any unnecessary toxins in there by cleaning and painting.

Bonnie said...

a good reminder for me to use low VOC paints!!! I wasn't even thinking about it.. but since we will basically paint and then close up the house for 6 months...a good idea!


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