Friday, August 7, 2009

This Voice or That Voice

I drafted the first two chapters of Upturned Stones on a whim. They were exciting and inspiring and in first person.

I took a break after the second chapter to outline. I spent a good month figuring out back stories, getting to know the characters, and then detailing the scenes that would tell the story. And in my dictatorial fashion, I declared that the real first draft would be in third person.

I re-drafted the first chapter in third person. It was fine, but not as exciting or inspiring. I tried to begin the second chapter, and as I mentioned yesterday, I just spun my wheels on it.

With renewed vigor, I took up that important second chapter again today, and out it came. Not great, but in a big gust of ideas and excitement. It roughly but adequately laid the groundwork for the next scene.

And it is in first person.

I didn't realize it until halfway in, and instead of fighting it, I embraced Evie's voice. I'll chalk it up to following my instincts and trying something new, even though I tend not to like first person fiction as much. I have heard that for novice writers first person is far easier to work with, so I guess I'll just go with it.

Cheers for almost 3,000 words today!

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Anna said...

I'm not a fan of first person either, but each story is different and if this one is calling to be told in first person, you gotta go with it!

big congrats on those 3K!!!! excellent... :))))


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