Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo Friday: Conjure Chirping Crickets

This has been and will be another quiet blog week. We're adventuring again to snuggle our new niece, play with Nana, and head to the lake.

Meanwhile, the garden is just about to yield its first harvest. I'll be sending Vegetable Village happy growing vibes and wishing my house-sitter a tasty first bite!

This combination of field lilies and dill weed is such a metaphor for my own psyche, part planned part welcome chaos...

Or is the combination of field lilies and tomatoes more appealing... one utterly unnecessary but enjoyable, the other so useful...

The chickens are constantly stalking the tantalizing garden outside their run. Anything foolish enough to grow into their side of the fence is gone in an instant.

The girls had so much fun together this week. Just the two of them (three of us?) playing in the backyard.

And here is Vegetable Village before we left...

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