Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

So we couldn't spend the holiday lakeside or kissing on our newest family member, but we did find the next best thing.

The Walker Art Center hosts free family art days in their sculpture garden on the first Saturday of every month. With this month's first Saturday falling on the 4th of July, the fanfare was ticked up a notch or two. Maya perfected her hoola hoop technique... actually the whole family got in on that. We built our own sculptures, wondered around the sculpture garden, and picnicked alongside the bicycle parade route, featuring hundreds of little kids with decked out bikes. Next year, we'll have to get the girls in on it. It was a fun way to reconnect our little family after a week apart, though Maya was disappointed with the classic cherry on a spoon sculpture.

She looked at it with annoyance and said, "I don't even like cherries." In spite of that, I think we'll be back soon.

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Bonnie said...

No wonder Dad's back hurts!!! Hula Hooping is hard!


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