Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dueling Maidens

As parents of two young girls, we don't want weapons in our house... even weapon-like toys. For a list of reasons, check today's (or any day's) international headlines.

After a string of 90 degree days, though, we have made a routine of splashing in the wading pool and running through the sprinkler. We needed to spice things up, and a new set of water guns seemed like a great idea.

Someday, I'll probably give in on the water guns, as long as they don't resemble actual guns, but today, serendipitously, I spotted a couple of empty spray bottles. I usually save them to whip up a batch of my favorite cleaning solution, Alice's Wonder Spray, but today they were awarded the role of honor in a very special cleaning-lady duel.

As you can see, Elliot wasn't sure what we had planned for her. Poor thing, she never did master the spray mechanism and had to resort to buckets from the sandbox. She mostly watered our feet as if we were flowers.

Maya was a natural. She took to the water fight like a mermaid to... well, water. She even added a little innovative twist: mom blows bubbles while she shoots them with the spray bottle.

These girls are a funny pair. Like me, Elliot loves the heat! All day, even on these sweltering "heat advisory days," she says, "I go OUTside" and brings me her swimsuit and sandals. The instant we're out, Maya, a bit more like her daddy, gives me the saddest Precious Moments impression and says, "Mama, I don't like to be hot, can I go inside."

So we change clothes often, toggling between water fights and sprinklers outside and quiet play with the doll house or puzzles inside.

I may need another clothesline!

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