Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You may have guessed....

I haven't posted in ages. Just as I bragged that my company was worn out by my girls, I realized that I was worn out by my company.

I accomplished almost nothing in the past few weeks. Well, I outlined a few key scenes and stole some good dialogue from my guests. Beyond that, though, nothing.

Time to get that A## In Seat time. The next few weeks are free, my garden is planted, and the days are long. Whether I'm "in the mood" or not, I'm going to make some real progress before this "work in progress" ends up next gathering dust with my tennis rackets and calligraphy kit.


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Good luck getting more done! I have the same problem... :S

jchart said...

Funny how that mutual-tiring-out thing works! Glad to see you're getting back into it though.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the encouragement... I've set the bar low, for now, but it is good to be in touch with the story at least once every day.

And yes, at least my garden is completely planted. For a bit, the one hobby had to trump the other!


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