Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seasonal Color

Maya found a clever way to bring color to the vegetable garden even before the seeds sprout.

We had quite the industrious weekend, somehow managing to clear and till, add compost, and dig walkways between the beds. Then Monday the girls helped me plant a few things: rows of peas and carrots, radishes and beets, and pots of spinach and greens (because Joe is sure I've served him weeds with homegrown salad and is suspicious unless it is grown in well-tended containers).

I have a lot of help in the garden... as you can see from the interesting way the sprouts have popped up. I'll have to try to transplant a few when I thin them!

I was out of string to mark the rows, and while I rummaged for remnants among my garden tools, Maya helpfully offered up her craft yarn. I realize it is not intended for seasonal durability, but it will last at least until the sprouts are established.

Until then, it looks awfully cheery back there!

I'm trying a self-modified version of Mel Bartholomew's Square Foot Gardening method, which worked pretty well for me last year. Dense plantings in carefully prepared beds keeps weeds down and makes the garden chores a little easier. With 12 eight foot by three foot beds within the bunny-proof garden fence, I don't mind losing a little planting space between the beds. I should have plenty to tend!

The only real drawback is mostly due to my own laziness. I haven't put support boards up around the beds, so they tend to look a bit like ancient burial mounds until the plants are well established. Yipes!

Thankfully, the brightly colored yarn livens the place up.

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