Monday, May 11, 2009

A Fifth Dimension?

Anyone know of a good discount store selling extra dimensions of space and time?

Pass it on, if you do.

I have the energy to write. My muse is absurdly enthusiastic. When I grant myself time, the words come. Well, they don't pour forth from the ether, but I have an easy enough time shaping them to carry my intention.

With a gazillion out of town family members (and I'm not complaining here, I love these people) lined up for weekend visits through June... maybe through mid-July, I'm having a space/time issue.

The issue is that there is none!

I'm not alone in this, I realize. So forgive the rant, when it mirrors that of everyone else. But SERIOUSLY! Two little girls keep me awfully busy all day, so their nap time (about 1 hour overlaps) and after bedtime (about an hour there too before I'm a zombie.. though sometimes I'm lucky and it doubles) combine to equal my total daily independent adult time.

I devote it to writing as much as I can. Though, heh, the blog(s) factor in there. Obviously, though, I need to depend on weekends for longer blocks of writing time; the two or three hours blocks that help me work through bigger ideas.

I'm not sure of the aspiring, sort-of, would-be writer's protocol. Am I allowed to say, "hey lovely relative that traveled here to see me and my girls... I'm off for a bit of writing...." Part of me thinks it is okay, as most of the visitors are here for time with my girls. The rest of me is developing elaborate menus and activity plans to keep my guests enthralled.

Maybe this is another test of the "writing habit." Can it survive endless summer weeks of entertaining? I'd better prepare my excuses and pack my computer bag. Would my absence go over better if I bring back cake?

On another note completely... Prairie Apocalypse has now been tentatively renamed... for maybe the third time. This one is working for me, though... and makes more sense the more the story unfolds:

Well Beyond Waiting


Anna said...

I like that title!!

as for time... oh, it does seem in such short supply, and then, suddenly as if the Red Sea has parted, whoop there it is...

all things go down better with cake, in my opinion. if family really knows you (meaning they understand what the writing is all about) then an hour here or there can be smoothed with chocolate or yellow, even cheesecake works...

and ta love for the comments. yeah, after a good boo-hoo, the day did improve... :)))

jchart said...

If you find that extra dimension lemme know okay? lol
I think when families realize your serious about something, they mind less. I always take the laptop with me when we go away and no-one has ever commented on my occasional disappearances!
And yes, cake always works!
Like the new title too - though doesn't it feel strange calling it something new? I found it did when I changed my novels title, though now it feels no different.
Good luck finding time :-)


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