Monday, April 6, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...

... Actually doesn't stay in Vegas, thankfully.

For months now, I have held this tiny trip before me as a shining beacon of light, a reward for the past four years of nearly constant parenting. I thought I would take this time to rediscover something essential about myself, or maybe my spouse... between frothy beverages, naps, and cashing in my winnings, of course.

Instead, I simply had time to recognize myself. As it turns out, even away from my girls, I'm the same silly, slightly neurotic, frequently gawking, openly enthusiastic person I've always been.

And thankfully, my spouse is the same easy-going, easily distracted, thoroughly entertaining guy he's always been.

And neither of us felt very at home in the casino! We spent the weekend avoiding the loud pinging and blinking lights in favor of good food, fancy drinks, and sights that reminded us of a much longer, much more authentic adventure a few years back.

The Picasso at Bellagio was an amazing dining experience... I'm sure my over-exuberance tagged me as a luxury-dining virgin, but they didn't seem to mind when I photographed each course!

Even the plane ride was relaxing (for me, anyway, but I'm not 6'5"), and as expected, our homecoming was greatly celebrated by our two biggest fans.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Parenting very young children is tough, but several times a day, I get the red carpet treatment. Only they have the power to make me feel like a real celebrity!

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