Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Enjoy Your Earth Day!

We're unplugged... or trying to be. No TV, no car, no public radio, no ridiculously giant bathtub brimming with well-heated water. We will try for another picnic, spend the day in the backyard, plant a few flowers in an indoor pot, and do some sort of project with the recycling.

I'll let you know how it goes!

*** 12 hours later***
Oh dear...
  • Hours of television watched: 2.5
  • Hours spent outside: 1 (maybe, if you stretch it)
  • Trips in the car: 1 (2 if you count to the clinic and back again as separate trips)
  • Cases of tonsillitis: 1
  • Referrals to an ear, nose, and throat specialist: 1
  • Kitchy Earth Day activities accomplished: 1 (yeah! I know! Impressively, Maya led an effort to decorate an old EnviroKidz box as a bed for Anakin the cat.... and he agreed to use it.)
First, Maya measured him for his house. Then measured a few different boxes to find one big enough for this bad boy.
The completed box sheltered Anakin from the girls while he sat in the sun. What a thoughtful project!

The day was not a total loss. My girl has a lingering virus and has been recommended for possible tonsil removal, which leaves me feeling queasy, but the cat has a new bed.

This Earth day was entirely tinged with a different shade of green.... the sickly green of guilt.

We may have chickens, incandescent light bulbs, and relatively responsible shopping habits. But, I have really slipped on my recycling routine. The level of creativity I use to green up various aspects of our lifestyle has declined sharply. Even more embarrassing is a recent home improvement project actually led to a low-flow faucet's replacement with a very sexy but environmentally disastrous model..... and a massive bathtub that I indulge in far too frequently.


Essentially, I blame Elliot. Sorry kid. With a toddler and a new baby, I gave myself all kinds of gentle leeway last year. And I developed some bad habits, from way too relaxed house maintenance to equating a "green lawn" with a completely neglected lawn.

Well, Elliot is 18 months old now, and her usefulness as an excuse is on the decline. As a result, here are a few new, completely doable resolutions for the remaining 8 months in 2009.
  • Install low-flow water fixtures every where possible (sorry, high design)
  • Reinvigorate recycling efforts (too lazy to take it to the garage? add an extra bag or two under the sink... and kick the composting back into gear!)
  • Program the thermostat (we have been blaming our (not so) tender baby on our excessively toasty house all winter)
  • Pick an under used patch of lawn and turn it into habitat
  • Paint the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom with low VOC, renewable paint products (I have my eye on Mythic)
  • Collect rainwater for the garden when possible
  • Take the girls on weekly adventure day outings to wild spaces
I'll add the list to my sidebar, keep you appraised of my efforts, and probably add to it.


Sarah said...

Sounds good! Go ahead and add our "pledged" green efforts to the list!

Sarah said...

A point of Clarity, Joe posted the above comment under my name... he's referring to our pledge to decrease our carbon footprint.... part of an effort at the Unitarian church where Maya attends spirit play.


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