Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Deep End

I'm off it. The deep end that is!

One fry short of a happy meal.

One card short of a deck.

One course shy of an English major.

One rooster short of a flock.

One cough short of a case of Swine flu.

I spent November drafting a novel in which a hastily mutating bird flu virus dismantled the economic, social, and political infrastructures throughout the world. Oddly, my pandemic began in the spring... Like the Swine Flu. My pandemic was given time to mutate, spread, and wreak havoc because national and international health agencies laboriously discussed the issue in committee, not wanting to alarm people.... The WHO is meeting to decide if the alert level should be raised. The CDC is putting out reassuring instructions to cover your mouth when coughing.

It's all happened before. In my book.... Only unlike my uber prepared main character, my pandemic survival kit has yet to be assembled.

Guess what I did this afternoon? I ditched my mother-in-law with the girls for a couple of hours and dashed around preparing the beginnings of a survival kit.

I have a lot left to do, but I'm hoping that my stockpile of groceries will be enough to prevent the need for them. If you plan for it, some totally unexpected crazy thing will happen instead, right?

I'm a reasonable person. Really, I am. I know this is most likely a Y2K-type situation.... but I'm also rather imaginative, an over-protective parent, and addicted to apocalypse stories.... so, anyone know where I can get some black market anti-virals real cheap? And maybe a goat?


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Wow, I'm not sure if I should be confused or laughing and giggling. You sound like someone I'd love to meet in person. You're as strange as I am...

I even know how to milk a goat. And can I have one of those kits?

Sarah said...

I'm going for giggles, generally. Mad Cow, Y2K... it's all a lot of hoo ha over nothing....

But I've read the stand too... Yipes... and The Road.... double yipes....

Head on over Glam, you can teach me how to milk that goat! :)


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