Monday, March 9, 2009

Why 18 months is best....

Every mother I know lapses into the refrain "they're fun at every age." We mean, of course, our children, and though my age range is limited to just under 4 years, I have a strong suspicion that the optimists among us actually do enjoy each stage with our kids, even the tricky ones.

But at almost 18 months, Elliot really is cherubic to the core. Here are some of the perks of the age between "Wow, I can reach everything" and "Give me everything" (otherwise known as the terrible twos):

1. They SLEEP. No matter what nighttime chaos has gone before, by 18 months, they've usually solidified their self-soothing techniques. When they do wake up, you know they actually need your help.

2. They are CHARMING. I use to sing the praises of 4 month olds, because they suddenly transition from infant to interactive baby. Well, at 18 months, they've fully transitioned from playful baby to performer. Both Maya and Elliot did this, and it's hilarious. Elle will do anything for a laugh, from wiggley wobbly dance steps to singing made up songs to throwing her fork like a javelin at the mashed potato bowl while chanting, "More, more, more."

3. They are LEARNING MACHINES. Seriously, she's picking up a word or two a day, and tossing out sentences like "Where's Daddy," and "Go get Maya." Show her any sorting or stacking game, and she'll master it in a few minutes. She's learning songs and their actions as quickly as her clumsy motor skills will allow.
4. They are still LITTLE. I mean they still snuggle like babies.... so nice. And they can't negoatiate yet, like older siblings.

5. They are EASY. Seriously, they are so maliable. All of a sudden Elle can eat anything, play everywhere (with help), and entertain herslef with almost nothing.

I'll enjoy these perks, and this silly little girl, for a few months, before the next phase kicks in. If I remember right, it had something to do with "no," and being almost 2.... but I may have blocked some of it out. We'll see.

And don't worry, in fairness, I'll sing the praises of 31/2 before too long. Truly, they're fun at every age!


Anonymous said...

Yea for new words! :D


Anonymous said...

Your daughters are darling!Love from Aunt Carol

Sarah said...


And DO, you're just happy she runs around chanting DO these days :)


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