Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tea for 2

In the interest of teaching them the good and proper way to dine, I hosted a little tea party for the girls.

Maya helped make tea sandwiches, using star shaped cookie cutters to turn cheese sandwiches into fancy canapes. The kids' table came out of the play room and into the dining room, along with the official playtime tea set.

They were charmingly and uniquely dressed, though not in designer labels. Elliot donned a fashionable firefighter jacket along with her Auntie's blue tutu, while Maya wore Auntie's Christmas dress, a vintage from around '88.

Unfortunately, Maya kept up a cell phone conversation with her imaginary friend Josh even as she poured tea. This means that I may have to limit my daytime phone calls. Maya seems to think it is only logical that one would prop a phone between her ear and shoulder while serving a snack, and then proceed to pace around the room. Oh dear... what kind of example am I?

At least they took turns pouring tea. Elliot's skills need some work, I think. Luckily the firefighter jacket doubled as a raincoat. And the little sweetheart even said "sorry" after pouring the whole pot of water out onto the table.

Good times were had by all; no discipline necessary, just a lot of towels.

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Bonnie said...

I can't wait for next week!!! Love Grandma!


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