Monday, March 23, 2009


The rain has us stranded. Not literally, like the poor sandbaggers in the Red River Valley, so I hate to complain.

But cooped we are, and just when the backyard and sunshine had cured our cabin fever.

We tried to venture out for a bit. Pulling on new rain boots and jackets, grabbing umbrellas, we headed out to check the chickens and get the mail. We lasted all of 5 minutes, until the fierce wind upturned the Hello Kitty umbrella, sent the other rolling across the yard, and made both girls yell for hot chocolate.

Which brings me back to craft projects in the dining room, and the endless refrain of "No, we're not going to watch another show." I can't mult-task, either, because every time I've turned my back today, poor Elle has knocked her head on something.

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