Monday, March 30, 2009

My Pretties

I realize that four days before a big trip probably isn't the best time for a major transition, but while cleaning up the playroom on Saturday, I followed my instincts, moving Maya's bed back up to Elliot's room.

When Elliot was first born, they shared a room. At that point, it was no problem. We put Maya to bed as usual, and snuggled Elle into her crib after both girls fell asleep. Newborn schedules are so wonky anyway, it didn't seem strange to shuffle the baby around.

Soon Elle was old enough for a bedtime routine, but Maya simply couldn't fall asleep with Elliot fussing. We tried for a few weeks, but it never really worked. At that point, Maya moved downstairs into the playroom, where she has stayed, more or less, for months.

When I was organizing Mount. Toy, Maya caught me eying her little bed. I was coveting the space for more room to play, and thinking of Elliot's nearly empty room upstairs. I barely mentioned that we could move her bed upstairs, and Maya began tugging at her pillow.

"Let's move it now, Mama. That way I won't have to be alone all the time." She said this with such excitement, I had to follow through.

The first two nights have gone extremely smoothly. The best part is that bedtime doesn't require both Joe and I at once. We take turns running them through the bedtime routine, reading books, and tucking them in.

Saturday night, we actually made a date of listening to the girls giggle over the monitor I used to enjoy Billy Holiday or Sinatra with a glass of wine on a quiet evening in... now it's our girls' laughter.

Eventually, after a couple of trips into their room, they were both fast asleep.

Suddenly, we'll both have an extra hour of evening time, while the other of us puts the kids to bed. Plus, grandma might have an easier time putting them to sleep while we're in Vegas now that they have each other.

One and a half and three and a half are really, really good ages.


Bonnie said...

That sounds so easy! I'll keep my fingers crossed! Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Poppies! Poppies will make them sleep!


Audrey said...



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