Thursday, March 12, 2009

Case of the Chopped Off Hair - Solved!

Last night Maya greeted her friend Anja with a curious suggestion.

Elliot got her bangs trimmed.... She's too young for the salon... or I'm to cheep. But Hey, mama didn't do too bad this time!

"Anja, I like your hair. Let me get the scissors, I can cut it."

Thankfully, the scissors are hidden above shoulder height, as suggested by the childproofing experts. This eased my mind, as well as poor Anja's parents. Anja has got a gorgeous head of hair, and it would be a shame to lop off a braid!

The incident got us thinking.... Guess what? Last week at preschool, one of the learning stations was a beauty salon (mimicry... self-grooming... I'm sure there was a purpose in there beyond "Beauty School Dropout").

I asked Miss Leesa if Maya spent much time there. She took one look at Maya's fresh hair cut and started chuckling. "She cut her hair?" It was part question, part observation.

As it turns out, Maya is not the first student they have had to dabble in self-styling after preschool training as a beautician.

Shouldn't that come with a warning? At least add it to the customary announcements.... "Today's letter was G... we learned about grooming, like brushing our teeth and hair.... watch the scissors, because some of our kids head home and cut their own hair."

If I'd heard that, I may not have initiated a craft project that involved scissors this week!

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