Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our First Program

Maya's preschool class hosted a Valentine's program today, and her performance was a bit surprising.

She's been treating us to previews for weeks now, singing bits of "Skinamarink-e-dink-e-dink" and "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear," and something about a puppy named Rags. She promised a good show followed by cookies and juice.

We were astounded when the music started playing and that line of 20 three-year-olds started shouting and wiggling. Maya was one of only 3 kids paralyzed by stage fright!

That's right, little miss talkative was completely overwhelmed by the audience. She said later that she didn't know all of the names of the parents and brothers and sisters... that's understandably scary I suppose.

Even though she stood there with her characteristic look of sheepishness (all of you who saw her hesitation on Christmas Eve have seen that look!), the performance was adorable.

Especially at the beginning of each song, when Maya would temporarily get swept away by her enthusiasm for the song. She would do about two or three little wiggles and then freeze, look up at us, and duck her head again.

We spent the next hour in the gym, visiting with her teachers and other parents while the kids did their usual recess thing.... It was hilarious.

Maya runs with three other little girls (pictured below), usually holding hands, while one or two boys run after them, roaring like monsters. If the girls get caught, they turn and chase the boys. Too funny!

Even Elliot got in on the fun!

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