Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On to the First Chapter

I haven't fully translated my novel's map from it's scrawling roll of easel paper to a more manageable, snowflake method style (step 8) outline.

But I am absolutely ready to get this rewrite started. I can see the novel unfolding before me. I know all of the major twists and turns and flashbacks as if I've already read it. I like them all much better than I did three months ago. I'm keeping a much bigger proportion of my first draft than I expected after my read through, though some of it has to switch point of view characters.

And thankfully, enough of the nuance, emotion, and motivation in each scene remain unplanned, leaving me room for exploration and spontaneity, which will make this rewrite seem like more of an adventure and less of a term paper than it otherwise might.

I can't wait. Chapter 1 starts tonight, and the characters, for the first time, won't stop telling me how it needs to go. I must finally know them well enough to allow that to happen!

Yea for the process!

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Anna said...

terrific!! can't wait to hear how it develops... :)))


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