Friday, January 30, 2009

Thiiiis Close

I'm so close to having a reasonable outline for PA. The Pollocking exercise (on Pollock's birthday no less) was incredibly helpful, and somehow I managed to rearrange the existing bits of my novel into a plot that has a lot more momentum.

Now I just need to fill in the last few holes... and organize all of that information into an outline that isn't on easel paper that takes up half a wall (pictures forthcoming).

I'm Thiiiis Close (imagine pointer finger and thumb nearly touching), to rewrite #1 on a story that will still resemble draft #1 (a victory in its own right)...

But my weekend is so busy, I can't imagine when I'll get to it. I will... somehow. If I have to open a time machine and go back to my super productive and inspired Tuesday night, so be it.... I've taken a few physics classes....

Time machine it is.

Outline by Monday or Bust!

1 comment:

Anna said...

yeah for you!!!

I'll be watching the game on Sunday, nothing happening there... will think spacious weekend vibes for you... :)))


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