Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting it Together... Or not

As it turns out, I'm having trouble getting back into the writing groove!

It's not really the writing that is a challenge, though. I just fell in love with a new story, and I've had no problem brainstorming and writing little starter scenes for that. I'm still doing daily free writes to keep the juices flowing.

It's that darn nano manuscript that's stumping me.

I've reread the stupid thing, and remarkably, I didn't think it was ALL that stupid. Not good, but salvageable. I took notes throughout that first reading. Big, broad, thought process notes. By the end, I had a pretty clear idea of how the overall structure needed to change to make it better. I've eliminated some characters, re-envisioned others, and added a more convincing antagonist.

But right now, the notes are all over the manuscript, a legal pad, and a little pocket notebook I've been carrying around. I know I don't have all those notes in my head, so at some point I have to put them together in a word document and draft a new outline for the rewrite.

That sounds way too like grad school.

The only thing that will save the poor thing is that my hubby is starting to study for his big actuarial exam in May. If he's studying, I'm more in the mood to do this sort of grunt work too. And just as soon as I have that outline, I'll be back to writing scenes.... hopefully better scenes.

We'll see! Next time I'll need to figure out a more organized process for this note taking business...


Anna said...

oh, I take notes that way and occasionally it's overwhelming! like, how am I supposed to piece all this together... oi!

as for organized note taking... man, you figure it out, and I'll buy some from you. put it in a bottle, and you're there... :)))

Anonymous said...

hahaa!! right right. see. the thing is, i remember when both you and jose were studying at the same time. i remember it being more (re)productive. ahem.

i'll have papers to grade soon...and i'm a safer study buddy. i think.

Sarah said...

ha ha.... too true. I've forgotten, that seems so long ago!


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