Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bombs Away!

No, this isn't a post about the upcoming inauguration and my hopes for a more peaceful future (though that has been occupying my thoughts!) No, this is a bit of a rant about one of our latest purchases.

I'm assuming all of you have heard the latest household toxin to avoid: BPA or Bisipherol A. It's an estrogen like toxin in many plastics (and other household items) that tends to leach into our food and bodies in tiny amounts. Cumulatively, these tiny amounts can be incredibly harmful to growing neurological systems.

When the information on this latest little terror started mounting, our family ditched as much of it as we could. We tossed our brightly colored plastic drinking glasses in the recycle bin, trading them out for the classic 1950s aluminum cups that have made most of our guests sigh with nostalgia for grandma's house. We replaced many of our sippy cups with BPA free NUBY cups.

And for Christmas this year, Santa wisely brought Elliot a fancy, stainless steel Kleen Kantene sippy cup. The thing isn't cheep. It was $20, including two tops, compared to $4 for a NUBY. But it is oh so chic in the high fashion world of stay at home, suburban, hype-aware parents.

I did like it at first. It doesn't leak unless shaken really hard or tilted just right after a big drink (sadly, that's better than most of the other cups we've tried). It has a sort of funky look. At first the only drawback was that it's a bit heavier than her other cups, but she managed it just fine.

Maybe a little too well, in fact.

She now wields it like a weapon! She has actually dented the stainless steel along the bottom in several places, simply by hurling to the ground with all of her considerable might. I don't want to think about what it would do if it connected with my toe... or the window.

Occasional buyer's remorse is one of the drawbacks to my (and Joe's) uber decisive personality. It doesn't happen often, but this is one instance that I can't deny. Next time I'll consult this lovely review of BPA free sippy cups and bottles, which has a surprisingly wide array to choose from, and then consider the weapons grade potential of the actual item before I purchase it!

Yet it's fashionable, still works, and was spendy. So for the next year or so that Elliot will require sippy cups.... Bombs Away... hopefully away from anything breakable.

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