Monday, December 8, 2008

The Aadland Family Christmas Tree

We almost missed this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas tree event, due to my Oklahoma-rooted aversion to driving in snow.

But we're Minnesotans, and the roads weren't all that slippery... So off we went to the Erickson Brothers Tree Farm, joining our friends, The Ericksons themselves, for a picturesque afternoon of memory making.

The girls seemed to have a great time (after their initial though). They played nicely with their friend Anya. At two years old, she plays equally well with Maya and Elliot, which is always fun to see!

I won't dwell here on the bloopers and outtakes (including Elliot's hilariously unfortunate tumble out of the sled and into the snow or Maya's prompt sabotage of the model train display).

No, I'll simply say that we found the perfect tree to add holiday drama to our dining room. Maya helped pick it out, though she was much more excited about a few of the 2 foot tall Charlie Brown trees.

After an accidental derailment, Maya fell in love with the model trains... and Anya's grandpa, who let her and Anya take turns making the trains stop, go, and whistle.

We even got the tree lit up before bedtime., though the decorations will have to wait for tonight.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

You were almost not going to go because of that mini-snowfall? Didn't Joe drive through a snowstorm last year to get the tree? Guess that's North Dakota for ya..

p.s. I was not in any parades recently.

Sarah said...

I don't know... inside reports placed you at the scene of a parade very recently!

Yeah, I'm a snow wimp.... Joe is famous for taking the challenge of full on blizzards!


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