Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Notice the little icon on the right? It has been tracking my progress all along.

Yesterday, I reached 50,000 words on my speed-written novel.

Now, of course, I have a new goal. FINISH the novel before Thanksgiving!

I have at least another ten thousand, maybe fifteen to write if I'm going to give it an actual ending. So I'm still typing away every chance I get. And I'm haunted already by all of the changes I want to make in draft 2!

Seriously, this has been a fun experience.

Thanks for bearing with me on the scant blog posts! I'll pick it back up with more stories in December.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this.

Maya and I built a cardboard spaceship today, classic cold weather entertainment. At one point, we had to stop and watch Elliot as she billygoated herself up onto a chair in the kitchen, then onto the kitchen table, where she proceeded to dance a little Irish jig, each step shuffling her closer to the edge of the table before I snatched her up.

Now no place is safe, and Elliot must start learning the meaning of "No." We've reached yet another milestone!

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Anonymous said...

YEA!!! Congrats on reaching 50,000 words! That's amazing!!!



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