Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Novel Writing

That's right, I'm writing a novel in November.

It's part of a totally silly contest, called National Novel Writing Month. During the next month, I, along with 125,000 other crazy people, will attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. That's short, for a novel, about the length of Lord of the Flies.

I heard about the competition last year, when Elliot was new, and everything about being an at-home parent was half over-whelming and half mind-numbing.

A year later, I'm in the groove of parenting small children (mostly). Other people strive to run a marathon. For me, writing a novel has always been a "some day" goal. With my 30th birthday looming ahead, now is the time to do it. Also, when I go back to work someday, I really, REALLY won't have any time.

So instead of blogging, naptimes will be used for crafting a story about a group of disenchanted urbanite professionals who flee the city during a major flu pandemic and struggle to survive not only the illness, economic crash, and panic that accompanies it, but life with minimal technology and outside leadership.

I've written several future-dated posts, to keep the blog going, and I'll post cute pictures whenever I get a chance.

You can keep track of my progress in the little blue box at the right. Peer pressure and an artificial deadline are necessary for a committed procrastinator like me!

Wish me luck!


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Erik said...

Best of luck! Have you ever read the Decameron by Bocaccio? I have had it on my shelf for ages, but never gotten to it. The premise is fairly similar - a bunch of rich folks live out the plague in the country and trade stories to pass the time!

What a great idea for a contest!


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