Monday, November 24, 2008

The End

The two sweetest, most restorative words in the English language. Yesterday around 3:30, I added those 2 to the nearly 66,000 others on my 230 page manuscript, and declared myself an aspiring novelist.

Whoo hoo. I finished in 23 days!

I learned a few things in the process.

1. Anything I write while the girls are awake and playing among themselves is likely to have is likely to have gibberish somewhere in the middle of it :)

2. Tell Maya you're writing a book and she'll fill you with inspiration (for example, it should have a dinosaur, but no scary monsters)

3. Spending a couple of hours a day slamming out nearly 3,000 words of fiction leads to an overactive imagination... A funny trait in kids, but kinda irritating in adults when nearly every conversation derails on a tangent: "wouldn't it be funny if ..."

Phew,my November novel writing is over, just in time for pie baking season!


Erik said...

Congrats Sarah! What a great achievement!

we're looking forward to seeing you guys soon - I might have to give you a call for some pie baking tips.

Audrey said...

You are awesome! Congratulations!

Audrey said...

Oh, and when can I read it :)

Recessionista Genie said...

Wow, congrats! My friend Christina and I did our own "NaNoWriMo" exercise in March and also hit the 50K word mark. Have you done more with your work since finishing the draft last fall? I can't imagine busting out that much writing in a month with two kids... nice work!

Sarah said...

As of May 2009, I'm still rewriting (unfortunately, I lost the first bit f rewrite... it broke my heart and derailed me for a bit)....

But, I'm back on track and re-writing like mad.... I also have two other novel ideas going... one is at the early research phase and the other is outlined and waiting for me to commit.

It's safe to say I've developed the writing habit, if not a complete manuscript.... that in and of itself makes me smile!

Glad to find another Nano-er. Are you carrying your project forward? Or on to something new?


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