Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Part 2

The preschool Halloween party was a big hit.

How two teachers helped 20 little kids wiggle into 20 little costumes, I'll never know.

I tried to convince Maya to wear her firefighter costume again, but word on the street was that fairy princesses were all the rage. She insisted on borrowing Elliot's tutu, and with her new butterfly wings, princess crown, and magic wand, she was a lovely little fairy princess.

We' ve been playing dress up nonstop at home, too, switching costumes every half hour or so. Who knows what she'll dress up as tomorrow!
This evening, she is already sorting candy, eyeing Joe and I to be sure we don't swipe anything good. Unfortunately overprotective parents give lots of little bags of goldfish and tiny Halloween puzzles instead of kitcats and snickers.

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