Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Snuggles

There is nothing better than a slow, autumn Sunday morning.

It's usually Joe's turn to sleep in, so the girls and I tumble onto the couch in the dark. Maya watches a show or two; today she thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Rogers' visit to a New York dance studio, and then an episode of Strawberry Shortcake (I tried to quickly turn the TV off during commercials... I'm not fond of exposing her to that). Meanwhile, I sipped coffee, teased Elliot into chasing crumpled up ads, and scanned the paper.

Our chickens' ongoing contribution to the family larder almost requires French toast (is that freedom toast nowa days?), and Elliot ate more of the toasty, cinnamon goodness than Maya did today. She must be growing in preparation for her big birthday on Tuesday!

We're really enjoying our first truly autumn day this year! We have a few outside chores to do, chile in the crock pot, and Maya is even wearing her Bears jersey. This day may necessitate an apple pie!

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE jammie pictures!! So cute!


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