Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Road Not Traveled... or Written

My little brain storming exercise, thinking through all of the conflict and hardship that could befall my newly fleshed out characters, was really helpful. That, plus a little research has taken my primary plot in a bit of a new direction.

That leaves me a little sad for the original plot, that wasn't as good, but had captured my imagination in a different way. The same goes for some of the other bits of brainstorming, interesting things popped up that don't belong in this story. Maybe they'll push their way into a different story.... let's hope. That exercise also gave me a few ideas, now, for a SciFi/Fantasy time travelish good versus evil story, the kind I love to read. So maybe that will be the next project, after Legacy... and the Nano project.

I've dubbed the NaNo project Prairie Apocalypse, because I'm terrible with titles and refuse to give it a real one until the first draft is done.

The outline is basically done, except to think through some of the first scenes. Then I'll put it away for a bit, work on my Legacy rewrite, and take it all back up for the official November first draft.


Anna said...

I like that title!

sometimes plots get altered, and I know that feeling... it's is a little sad to say goodbye. but it's all a learning/growing process...

I wrote a time travel story last year, great fun! not my usual genre, but good to try something new.

off to outline... or else November will be here and I'll be in deep doo....

ElderGuru.com said...

Thanks for the sidebar link, girrrrl!


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