Thursday, September 25, 2008

Indulge Me, I'm a West Wing Fan

The McCain campaign tore through our neighborhood in the night, assaulting my morning drive to preschool with sign after sign after sign.

Within an hour, my own signs were on order (the campaign headquarters ran out of their latest shipment within an hour yesterday!

Maya politely listened to me rant about the ideological significance of conflicting world views as a basis for rational debate compared with angry us-versus-them, liberal-is-a-dirty-word, we-won't-listen-no-matter-what, lipstick-wearing pit bulls who can't speak college level English but believe it should be the official language of our country.

Phew! Poor kid. She sweetly responded, but I love Obama, mama. Oh I must drink in my influence now, as it will only fade over the next 15 years!

If you, like me, need a morale booster, read this New York Times article featuring President Bartlett from the West Wing offering (fictionally, of course) Obama some sound advice: sometimes impolite is required and condescension is called for!

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