Friday, September 19, 2008

First Friends

We joined some friends for coffee today, and capped it off with a walk to the local duck pond. This is truly the perfect outing, satisfying all of our various mid-morning cravings:

*Maya got to hang with her friend Sam, show off her protective big sister skills, drink a frothy steamer, and run around the park feeding hungry ducks.
*Poor, sniffling Elliot got to stare wonderingly at her little friend Molly and watch the world pass by from the comfort of her stroller.
*I was pampered with coffee and conversation with my own friend, plus I got rid of a bunch of stale bread!

Maya is all about her friends lately. The newness of her preschool class has worn off, so all of the kids are enthusiastic each morning. They greet each other with gusto and barely wave as their parents rush off to work or errands or a coffee shop.

Her new favorite game before bedtime is to pretend she is the teacher, Miss Stephanie. She sits in a chair, holds a book for Joe, Elliot, and I to see, and says loudly, "This is our new friend Grant, Hi Grant!." She turns the page, saying, "This is our new friend Stella, Hi Stella."

When she runs out of names, she makes me rack my brain to remember the other kids' names from her class. I can only guess that Miss Stephanie has taken pictures of the kids and assembled a book to help them learn everyone's name.

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