Monday, September 22, 2008

Easy Garden-Bounty Dinner Recipe

It's time I shared my favorite garden-related find of the summer; essentially, it's spaghetti sauce.

I don't remember if I got the recipe in Cooking Light or Food & Wine or Better Homes (we get a ridiculous and environmentally atrocious number of magazines!), but no matter where it came from, it's spectacular!

The beauty of it is, while you boil your pasta, you can prepare a simple tomato puree. When the pasta is ready, you just mix the two together, allowing the pasta to heat the sauce, and add some Parmesan cheese. The flavor is amazing, if you like garden fresh tomatoes. It's really creamy, thanks to the tomato paste, and last time I substituted some roasted tomatoes for some of the fresh ones - it was outstanding! The original recipe called for sundried tomatoes too, but I'm not a fan of those, so I left them out.

Beyond its utter simplicity, this recipe is spectacular because it showcases all of those tomatoes I've been harvesting without requiring canning skills!

1 pound Penne
4 medium tomatoes, diced (I used two roma, one herloom, and a bunch of golden pear and cherry tomatoes)
2 tbs tomato paste
4 large basil leaves
1 garlic clove
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

1. boil the pasta in salt water
2. puree remaining ingredients in a blender. Pour sauce into a large boawl.
3. drain the pasta, add it to the sauce, and toss well

Serve immediately, it does get cold fast

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