Monday, September 1, 2008

Bring Your Daddy To Adventure Day

For the last weekend of summer, we revisited the Adventure Day park that kicked off the season way back in May. And this time, we brought Joe along!

Tamarack was in complete autumnal splendor, a mess of growing things and wild trails that were almost unrecognizable compared to the sparse wilderness of skeletal trees and newly thawed ponds we explored in May.

After a morning full of hiking and an afternoon spent sleeping it off, the festivities resumed in the back yard. The tent was pitched, the dogs were grilled, and the fire stoked. A thousand marshmallows later, and we were all in the tent telling each other funny stories.

It was a memorable backyard camp out... and I am so thankful that Maya and Joe enjoyed staying out there while Elliot Rose and I had access to the nice big bed, the crib, and the changing table in the wee hours!

What an adventure! And I love the new camera :)


jstromli said...

It is soooooo fun reading your me back on track with journaling which I desparately needed! So glad that everythign is going so well for you!!!

Jenny Hanson and Family!

Sarah Aadland said...

Glad you like it! It's a great way to mark the moments as they whoosh past us!


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