Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle, ma belle

Did everyone listen to Michelle Obama last night?

It is worth listening to online, if you missed it. I remember being 13, listening to Hilary Clinton at the '92 convention, and being excited to hear a female orator with strength and enthusiasm. Michelle Obama likely made history last night, setting herself up as first lady in an idealistic yet efective presidential duo that will work to right the wrongs created in the Bush presidency.

At least, I hope so.

Of course I would rather have the inspiring, strong female orator cast in the role of presidential candidate rather than spouse. But unlike Hilary's die hard supporters, who appear to be threatening mutiny at the convention if they don't get.... I don't even know what they want... Unlike them, I have no problem supporting Barak Obama.

I'm am just a little afraid. It's like watching Phelps swim. You know they are all probably sincere. The ideas they espouse, not just the poetic way they present them, stir a deep desire in most of us to participate in changing the disparities in the world around us. I, we, hope and expect them to work toward these goals with sincerity.

Seven years under the most duplicitous executive branch in history understandably leaves me watching the convention with my fingers crossed. Let's hope the Obama's can deliver.

During the Olympics I kept thinking, this would really suck if Phelps turns out to be on something.... like so many other athletes. Now I find myself with similar thoughts regarding past political disappointments.

Here's to hoping they're not on anything... like a simple power trip.

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