Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adventure Day - The Tamed Wild

Grandma, on a recent visit, tossed out a new idea for adventure day: the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

This was a departure from our usual Adventure Days, which have mostly explored local parks with lots of unpaved trails and wildlife. (Incidentally, the summer has really gotten away from us, so we haven't met our adventure-per-week goal. We have, though, made lots of time for unfettered, unplanned outdoor play, which was the original point anyway.)

In spite of a harried trek to the opposite side of the metro in a psycho reality of never ending rush hour (Seriously, where do these people think they need to go? I'm trying to get somewhere!), we had a beautiful morning at the arboretum.

I wasn't prepared for the endless miles of beautifully groomed trails and flower beds. August was the perfect choice for a first visit, because everything is in bloom.

My mom and I learned the names of lot of local weeds - I mean, prairie flowers that we will no longer mow over! Maya found a kaleidescope of butterflies (others might call it a swarm, both are correct) and loved running around on the trails.

We didn't get as many pictures as usual, since neither Maya or Elliot stay in one place very long, but here is a sampling.

This was the whimsical house made entirely of growing things. Maya loved the flowers that made up the patchwork quilt and pillow.

She paused to watch a goldfish pond for a really long time. Who knew fish were so fascinating?

Maya and Grandma ran around the maze garden for a little while. It was huge, so I was glad they found there way out :)

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