Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does This Make Me a Soccer Mom?

I suppose so, but Joe and I did stand apart from the other parents...

When asked to strike a "soccer pose."

We were the only ones roaring with laughter as our daughter (along with all the other kids) demonstrated that three-year-olds do not have the attention span for organized sports.

The other parents all nudged their preschoolers on with gentle shouts of "Go get your ball, Delaney... Don't stand on it, no kick it toward the net!"

We found ourselves simply trying to keep a straight face while Maya, mid-game (yes, they tried to play a game!), explained to the coach "I'm wearing a jacket, in case it gets chilly."

Our favorite blooper was repeated at least 4 times. She ran to us, away from the huddle of kids receiving instructions from their 16-year-old coach, simply to exclaim gleefully, "I'm reeeally doing it!"

The following video if from their actually game. It went like this the whole time, with each kid taking a turn with the ball. And yes, Joe and I did our fair share of directional cheering in this video! Who am I to talk...


Anonymous said...

This is HILARIOUS! That "strike a pose" picture is hands down one of the funniest pictures I've seen of Maya. hahahahaa!!!

Sarah said...

We had more soccer camp last night... My stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Maya wandered around the field. Another little girl kept laying on her soccer ball and sticking a leg in the air. They played red light green light, during which Maya simply moved continuously, but really slooowly.

One kid actually had "game," and he was seriously annoyed that no one would/could actually play with him!


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