Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5 Small Ways Last Week Would Have Been Different Without Kids

We would have finished the garden fence in one long day instead of one long week! (Poor Joe is still working on it, after work and between Daddy duties).

The most frequently used entertainment item would not have been a pink soccer ball.

The whole garden would be planted in the freshly tilled soil, not just one lonely row of potatoes.

The weekly culinary achievement would have been a newly attempted Giada recipe featuring asparagus instead of homemade green bean puree and organic, nitrate free chili cheese dogs.

The funniest moment of my week would not have been watching Maya and her little preschool classmates tour the fire station while various moms obliviously crooned "watch that fireman take his hose out... just look how long it is... isn't that a big hose?" (ha ha ha, that still kills me and it was a whole week ago!)

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Andrea said...

You look too young to be a mommy!
Beautiful Babies!!!


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