Friday, April 4, 2008

Too soon for Mum Mums?

Elliot thoroughly enjoyed the rice crackers we gave her yesterday. When I first gave it to her, she looked at me with this scrunched up expression that seemed to say, “Really? For me?”

These crackers dissolve easily, so the minute she put it in her mouth she went a little nuts. She broke a hunk off and mushed it around with her tongue, all the while banging the rest of it on the high chair tray. By the end of the cracker, their were crumbs in the pockets of her bibs, behind her ears, and in her hair, and she was showing off her burgeoning fine motor skills by grabbing at a few larger crumbs on her tray.

When it was gone, she was supremely satisfied with herself. She even made her trademark gurgley, screamy noise that seems to indicate triumph (the noise she usually reserves for the moment when she finally drags herself close enough to Maya’s toys that she can catch them or when we help her stand up).

Unfortunately, the Mum Mums may have been a bad idea. Elliot was up most of the night making sad little moaning noises and curling her legs around her little tummy. While there should be nothing to upset her in the Mum Mums, clearly something was amiss… And I promise it wasn’t me!

Some of my family and friends think I’m too strict about not feeding random things to my babies (you know, things like whipped cream or ice cream or mashed potatoes!), but once again I’m reminded that it’s for their own good. Those little digestive systems just can’t handle very much. Check out the Mayo recommended first-foods schedule.

Tonight we’ll revert back to the organic rice cereal with a little bit of homemade applesauce, saving the Mum Mums for another week or two. This week she's graduating from one meal a day to two meals, and that’s probably enough excitement.

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