Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Through the Lens of Others

We host a lot of overnight company. Well, if you call grandparents company, which we shouldn’t. Once or twice a month, our guests help around the house, help care for the girls, and provide us with unending commentary about the perfection of their grandchildren.

When I’m busy hiding (yes, hiding) our junk piles and vacuuming the dust bunnies (dust kitties in our case – we have a fluffy black cat that drives my mom nuts!), I just remind myself how nice it is to have so many people who love the quirks and craziness of our girls as much as we do. And the loving observations of grandparents helps me see the girls in a whole new light!

Today, Grandma Pie Queen began Maya’s training with the simple but ever-popular apple pie.


DO said...

This is a great great picture!!! : )

Andrea said...

Wish I were there!

Sarah said...

I wish you were here too! We even got out of our basement yesterday and strolled down Grand! You'd be so proud :)


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