Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Sprouts

One long weekend away from my “routine” (of unscheduled chaos!), and everything has changed. Yes, everyone is always commenting on how much the girls change from one visit to the next, but I didn’t expect to feel that way after just a weekend.

As I bounced and rocked and soothed my baby all weekend, she seemed as unpredictable as a newborn, but since we’ve been home she seems to be on the verge of crawling, or even talking. Right, it will be a while on both accounts, but she seems so animated and ready to play. She chatters endlessly at her sister, our cat, and all of her toys. She can scoot side to side to get at her toys and she rolls over easily now.

More surprisingly, if Maya and I dash into the next room while we’re playing, she cries the instant she realizes she’s been left behind. They sound more like howls of protest than cries. It’s amazing.

Plus she has her first tooth, slept 9 hours in her crib last night, and will be starting solid foods this evening!

After going a few days without talking to Maya face to face, I’m just amazed at the conversations we have. She has been using all of my most common phrases on me: “Are you okay, honey” when I stubbed my toe. “I’ll be right back, just don’t move, okay?” when Elliot spit up on my hand and she offered to get us a towel. And for the 100th time this week, “How was your day in Tulsa Mama?” No naughty words have appeared in her repertoire yet (miraculously), so I still have time to clean up my act (my St. Patrick’s Day resolution?).

And she’s capable of so much. She loves to mop the floor (her expression in the photo is really more concentration than forced labor, I swear!); it's an incredibly useful skill as I'm trying to get her used to big girl cups. She has been helping me make dinner every night. She made the bread crumbs with the food processor, added seasoning, and whisked the egg so we could fry our stuffed chicken breast. She still preferred cereal for her own dinner, but it was a fun activity.

The seeds we planted a few weeks ago are sprouting up nicely, and so are the girls. It’s spring!

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