Friday, March 28, 2008

Nap Time Comedy of Errors

Nap time for two is far more difficult than nap time for one. When Maya was 6 months old, I would simply wait for her to rub her eyes a bit and then nurse her while I caught up on my Days of our Lives. After the 10 or 15 minutes it took for me to get annoyed with the regurgitated story line, Maya would be asleep. I would set her in her crib and then dash off to weed the garden, or more likely, read in the hammock.

Poor Elliot doesn’t have it so easy. She was tired right around the time Maya needed her pre-nap story. Toddler stories don’t last all that long though, so Elliot had just started dozing by the time we were finished. The poor baby was jostled around while I helped Maya with the potty, and she got a bit antsy while I tucked Maya into her Little Mermaid sheets. At last, it was quiet, and she was nursing with her eyes closed. In mere moments I would have some alone time.

Then Maya cried out, “I have to use the potty.”

Have you ever tried to gently perch an almost-sleeping baby on your shoulder while simultaneously running like mad to facilitate another person's call to nature?

One change of pants serenaded by a so-sad baby later, we were back where we started. All was quiet, and Elliot was just about to doze off.

Then the doorbell rang.

Her eyes popped open like a scene from the Shining! I had no choice but to introduce her to Mr. Fix-it, as I directed him to the loose siding at the back of the house. The doorbell, of course, roused Maya out of her quiet enjoyment of Little Critter, and I could here “mama, mama” drifting from her room when I turned back inside.

Finally, Maya was re-tucked, and Elliot was re-snuggled. Everything looked good. Until the phone rang. Daddy couldn’t have known that nap time would take so much longer than usual, but it’s a good thing Elliot doesn’t speak English… well, she was crying too loud to hear the choice words I muttered at the caller ID.

Finally, Elliot was asleep in her play pen downstairs; Maya was asleep upstairs in her bed. For about ten minutes, I had found my bliss. Then Maya woke up, cranky, and she cranked so loud Elliot woke up. Oh what fun. At least bedtime will be early tonight.

Some days nap time just stinks. I need to clone myself or get my hands on a duplicate or some FDA approved baby-Lunesta. Someone must sell that right?

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