Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Pre-Spring Walk in the Park

We have resumed our daily walks to the park, even though spring is still just a fantasy. Everything is slushy and melty, but we're expecting several inches of snow tonight and tomorrow (just in time for our Easter drive... we'll see).

We follow the streams of water to see where they end up. Maya is fascinated by the storm drain.

She splashes in every puddle she can find. The snowsuit keeps her really dry, but the cheap boots are miniature lakes, and icey ones at that, by the time we get home. Good thing rain boots are in the Easter Basket!

We walk around in the snow just to spray slush out from our footprints.

We talk endlessly about the mommy and daddy ducks that swarm the melty ice rink.

Elliot sleeps through it every time.

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