Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ramblings on a 4 ½ Month Old

When I was pregnant last summer, I ran into a family at the park. They were chasing after a 3-year-old boy (who was chasing after Maya) and bouncing a four-month-old girl, and I followed them around asking dorky questions about how life works with two little ones. They seemed happy to relay their experiences with getting two to sleep at night, keeping a toddler entertained while being pinned by a nursing infant, and other stories about how they were coping. They did look at me funny (wondering if I was some sort of stalker?) when I started ogling their 4 month old, declaring that between four and five months is my absolute favorite baby month.

Now here I am, smack in the middle of it. If I’m not careful, this month could get lost in the blur as we battle cabin fever and the mid-winter blues. Here is a list of all that is wonderful about our 4 month old:

1. No more tears. At least no more indecipherable tears. In fact, Elliot only cries now when she’s super hungry and tired and I’m stuck trying to get Maya’s Thomas the Train unders down with lighting speed.

2. Lots more play. She stretches, rolls (clearly – see Tuesday's post), and even scoots a bit to get at toys. She chuckles like an old man if you tickle her tummy or under her neck. She pulls her hands, and now her feet up into her mouth. She shrieks and laughs and babbles when she sees interesting toys, people, or when her foot escapes her mouth. She flails around and wiggles during dance party. And Maya, Joe, and I are all superstars in her eyes, worthy of her most energetic expressions and admirable efforts to sample our hair or fingers.

3. A schedule, sort of! She eats at more predictable times, sleeps through the night at least some of the time, and is generally more responsive to our schedule. Joe and I even get to enjoy adult-only evenings most of the time!

4. Still a baby. She’s just weeks away from crawling. If Maya is any indicator, she’ll crawl in the next 6 or 8 weeks, and then we must resume the defensive position until she’s old enough to understand (and respond to) “no.” As a baby, she loves to be snuggled, kissed, and doted on without demanding to be free to explore her little world.

Basically, this is the perfect baby month! The perfect combination of a burgeoning personality and sweet baby. Enjoy you’re weekend! I’m off to snuggle my baby while there is another pair of hands to chase Little Miss Thomas Unders.

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